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SAP ABAP Table Control Screen Creation

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Table Control attributescreation .

Table control can be created in tow ways either by selecting the table control
icon from the elements toolbar or by using table control wizard in SE51 and drawing a table control area on the screen..
 If we use table control wizard  it takes mimimum of coding and effort to
create a workable table control.The wizard uses 7 dialogs .ABAP Code and screen flow logic statements are automatically generated for common functions like inserting new lines,selecting rows etc.
  In table control attributes we check/uncheck
 1) horizontal/vertical  separators.
 2)  with title ,if with title the name of the field.
 3) with column headers
 4) We have to select from single/multiple/none selection for
     rows and columns.
 5) If Line selection column is to be used  than the name of the Line Selection Column field is specified. This field is  of type C(1) and can be used to determine which record(s) were selected  by the user in PAI. A field of this name and type is generally the part of the internal table which will be used to display the data if multiple row selection has been checked in the attribute box,for a single line row selection a declaration in ABAP program with the same name and type is sufficient.
 6) The number of fixed columns can be specified.They can be changed dynamically in ABAP program using tab_con-FIXED_COLS attribute.
Columns on Table Control
  The columns on table control are generally taken from the structure which is of same type  as internal table used for displaying values in the ABAP program.

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