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SAP PM & ABAP Code Niraj Visnoi

SAP Sales and Distribution Tables

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Sales and Distribution Tables 

Sales & Distribution Tables 
VBAK      Sales document header data
VBAP       Sales document item data.
KONV      Conditions for transaction data
KONP      Conditions for items
LIKP         Delvery header data
LIPS         Delivery Item data.
VBLK       Sales document Delivery note
VBBE       Sales requirements.
VBFA       Sale sdocument flow
VBUK      Sales document heade status.
VBUP       Sales document item satus.
VBEH       Scheduleline history.
VBEP       Sales document schedule line data.
VBPA      Sales document Partner.
VBRK      Billing header data.
VBRP       Billing item data .
VEPVG    Delivery Due index.

VBKA  Sales Activity  
    (Important fields)
MANDT     Client
VBELN      Sales documrent number of
                 Sales activity in sales support.
KTABG      Start of sales activity (8 DATS).
KTAEN      Endof sales activity   (8 DATS).
KTARA      Description of where sales activity
                 took place (20C).
KTEXT       Short text for a sales activity  (40C)
VBTYP      SD document category (1C)
VKBUR      SAles office  (4C CT-TVKBZ).

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