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SAP PM & ABAP Code Niraj Visnoi

MARA General Material Data SAP Table

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MARA and MAKT table description with fields


MARA : General Material Data (Transparent Table)
             Development Class : MG
             Delivery Class         : A Application Table
                                             (Master & Transaction Data)
             Text Table              : MAKT  
  ( Important Fields )
MANDT       Client
MATNR       Material Number
ERSDA        Creation Date
ERNAM       Name of person who created.
MTART        Material Type.
MATKL        Material Group.
MEINS         Base Unit of Measure.
ZEINR          Document Number.
ZEIAR          Document Type.
WRKST       Basic Material.
NTGEW       Net Weight.
VOLUM       Volume.
VOLEH        Volume Unit.
SPART         Division.
KZKFG       Configuration Material.
VHART       Shipping Material Type.
MAGRV      Material Group Shipping Material.
DATAB       Valid from Date.
ATTYP        Material Category.
PMATA       Pricing reference material. 

MAKT : Material Description  
 (Tranparent table with 5 fields)
MANDT      Client
MATNR      Material Number
SPRAS      Language Key
MAKTX       Material  Description (40C)
MAKTG      Material Description in UPPER
                  CASE for MATCH CODE

TSKM  : Material Taxes
  (Transparent table with 3 fields)
MANDT    Client
TATYP     Tax Category (4)
                like sales tax,federal tax
TAXKM     Tax Classification Material 1.

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